Holly Starr


Holly Starr

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Capo on 2nd fret
Capo  2  

verse 1 
This world keeps telling me  
        C                             Em 
It can be everything that Ill ever need 
To be happy 
         G                                      C 
They try to convince me with their stuff 
Try to tell me that its enough 
For a good life 

G D Youre the only one who brings my heart to life Em C Youre the only one I know who can provide G D Joy all my days, though the earth fades away C D You stand the test of time You leave me satisfied
G verse 2 G C Your love is a secret I cant keep Em D Better than my best kept dreams unbelievable G C Somehow in the middle of my stress Em Lord You are my peace and rest D You remind me Chorus Bridge Am G/B C D No one else can fill me up the way You do (You leave me satisfied) Am G/B C D Every morning I wake up I know the truth Chorus Chorus

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