Holly Starr

God Is

Holly Starr

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God Is

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Capo on 5th fret


Intro: G 

verse 1 
G                                          G13       
When all you see is here and now 
                   Em                                                   Cmaj/G 
When everything is crumbling,   falling to the ground 
                      G                            G13     
This is just a moment this is not forever 
                           Em                                                   Cmaj/G 
I know it seems impossible when all your hope is gone   but 

G Gadd9 Am7 Em/A God is God is C Greater than the fear your facing Am Esus4/A Greater than the storm that?s raging G Gadd9 A7sus4 Am7 God is God is C With you when you cry D So cry out His name C D G God is greater than the pain
verse 2 G D/F# He knows the trials His children face Em C He knows the tears that fall that we all have to face G But don't you dare let go now D/F# Don't let the candle blow out Em D/F# His love is strong so just hold on C D He is with you threw it all Chorus G C D He is Mighty, more than able C To rescue and restore the ones He loves G C Em His a refuge and a Savior C D A Savior End G Am Em C

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