Holly Starr

Let Go Chords

Holly Starr

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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Let Go

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Capo on 2nd fret


Intro:  D              |Asus           |Bm             |G               

    D                       Asus 
I know that a new day is comin soon 
         Bm             G 
But alone I am not prepared 
D                                     Asus 
You are the one who brought my dust to life 
        Bm                      G 
Like a rose in the desert  

        I know that Ive held on too long  
        To everything keeping me from 
        Asus                       G 
        Learning to let go, Im learning to let You 
        D                       Bm 
        Move me closer, to a heart thats open 
              Asus                      G         D     Asus     Bm      G 
        Im learning to let go,  Im learning to let go 

             D                  Asus 
Lord, I know that Youve called me to this place 
                Bm                      G 
Where Your eyes are teaching me grace 
        D                             Asus 
I cant see where Im going but I will believe 
                Bm                G 
That Youre never gonna leave 
Youre always holding me 

D                       G 
Oh, theres nothing I own 
                D                         Asus 
All Youve designed so beautifully so 
        Bm              G 
Oh please help me let go 
              Asus              A 
Cuz Youre in control 

D               |Asus           |Bm             |G 
Oh         oh            learning to let go, learning to 


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