Holly Starr


Holly Starr

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Bm      F#m       Gsus2    Em            Bm      F#m     Gsus2   Bm 
verse 1 
Bm          F#m 
Addicted to this habit 
    I pretend that I don't have it 
Bm          F#m 
Right now it's hurting more than ever before 
A                  Em 
I fall down I'm gonna hit the bottom floor 
G                       Asus     A 
I can't do this anymore  

                   Bm                                     F#m 
This isn't easy      Fighting these feelings 
   G                                             Em 
I try but I'm caught in the undertow 
You are my rescue 
I'm numb from my black and blue 
   G                                            Em 
I try but I'm caught in the undertow 
G                       NC 
Pull me up     Out of the undertow 
Bm      F#m       Gsus2    Em    

verse 2 
Bm                 F#m 
Break down what I can't let go 
Shut out the fears that haunt  
Bm                F#m 
Times up, I can't hold my breath anymore 
A                   Em 
Speak now, Your words will bring me back to  
G                                           Asus     A  
the shore I?m drowning in the storm 

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