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Patience Chords

Guns N' Roses

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by In_CUbUs14

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C Shed a tear 'Cos I'm missing you G I'm still alright to smile A Girl, I think about you D everyday now C Was a time when I wasn't sure G But you set my mind at ease A There is no doubt you are in D my heart now C G Said woman,Take it slow C E It'll work itself out fine C G D C All we need is just a little patience G Said sugar make it slow C E And we come together fine C G D All we need is just a little patience (patience) Uh Yeah C Sitting here on the stairs G Cause I'd rather be alone A If I can't have you right now D I'll wait dear C Sometimes I get so tense G But I can't speed up the time A But you know love there is one D more thing to consider C G Said Woman,Take it slow and C E the things will be just fine C G D You and I just need a little patience C G Said Sugar,Take the time C E Cause the lights are shining bright C G You and I've got what it takes D to make it We won't fake it Oh, I'll never break it 'Cause I can't take it solo G Litlle Patience Uh, Yeah Uh, yeah D Need a little patience G Yeah, D Just a little patience G yeah, D Some more patience I been walking the streets at night G Just tryin' to get it right(need some patience) D Hard to see with so many around G You know, I don't like being stuck in a crawd(Could use some patience, yeah) D And the streets don't change, but baby, the name G I ain't got time for the game(Gotta have some patience, yeah) D Cause I need You, yeah G yeah, but I need you(All it takes is patience) G Uh!I need you, woh(Just a little patience)oo G D (Is all you need) this time, ah

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