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Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: D A D A 

D                        A 
You don't have to ask me why 
D                         A 
Because I know you'd understand 
D                       A 
All the treasures of my life 
D                    A 
Are right here in my hand 

Em        G 
Suspended in a moment 
No more breath to catch 
Em          G 
If you hold onto your end 
Maybe we can make this last 

D Bm A This is the greatest time of day D Bm A When all the clocks are spinning backwards D Bm A And all the ropes that bind begin to fray Bm F#m A D And all the black and white turns into colors
I don't wanna build a wall Or draw a line across the sand Because there's room for one and all And this land is our land Oh, I hope this can go on and on and on Before the skipping stone hits the surface of the pond Oh, I know that life is never very long One second, then one minute, and then it's gone Chorus Bm Em You want to sink into the colors on the wall F#m A But all the while you are the brightest of them all Chorus (Same as chorus) This is the greatest time of day When there's no you and there's no others And all the rules grow wings and fly away And all the black and white turns into colors D A D Colors Aaaaah Ah A, D

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