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F    G       Am 
Cyan is, the sparkle in the sky 
F      G    Am 
Yellow sun, reflected in your eye 
F         G            Am 
Red flows through, the passion in your art 
F      G         Dm 
Cobalt blue, the wisdom in your heart 

         C      G 
Issho no toki wa 
       Dm        F 
iro nante kankei nai 
         C      G 
issho no toki wa 
         Dm       F 
hachi-bitto de juubun 
        C     G 
Corazon feathers 
          Dm        F 
Dousen no naka wo tobu 
             C     G 
When we're together 
          Dm          F 
subete wa bokura no mono 

F, Em, Dm, C, Bb 

F       G        Am 
Dark is for, the killer that's inside 
F        G           Am 
Light surrounds, the goodness that you hide 
F      G           Am 
Purple hearts, are tugging at our sleeve 
F        G                 Dm 
We stole fire, now there's nothing left to thieve 

             C     G 
When we're together 
             Dm             F 
Colors don't matter much to us 
           C    G 
When we're together 
       Dm            F 
8-bits is enough for us 
        C     G 
Corazon feathers 
         Dm              F 
Flying inside the copper line 
           C   G 
When we're together 
         Dm                 F 
They are yours and they are mine 

F, Em, Dm, C, Bb 

C, Am, F, Bb (x4) 

F, Em, Dm, C, Bb... 

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