Ave Maria


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by  LUCCAS13

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Ave Maria

C  Dm/C       G/B   C  G/B 
A...ve    Mari......a, 
  Am         D/C 
Gra......tia ple...na, 
G/B     C     G/B 
Dominus tecum, 
 Am7    D7     G 
Be.....nedicta tu, 
 G       Dm/F 
Tu in mulieribus, 
F     C/E  C  G/B 
Et benedictus 
Am7     Dm7     G7      C 
Fructus ventris tui, Jesus. 

 C7      F7M 
Sancta Maria, 
 F#      Cm/G 
Sancta Maria, 
G7      C/G 
Ora pro nobis 
 Dm       G7 
Nobis peccatoribus, 
 F#       C/G 
Nunc et in hora 
  Dm7        G7 
In hora mortis nostrae. 
  C7  F/C  Dm7 
  G7    C 


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