Franz Peter Schubert

Ave Maria

Franz Peter Schubert

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Ave Maria

Written by Franz Schubert

	  		Intro: Bb   Bb7  Eb/Bb  Ebm/Bb  Bb 

   Gm6       Bb/F  F7 Gm   Cm/Eb  F7       Bb 
A------ve Mari--------a    Gra---ti--a plena  
  Bb5+    Gm/Bb  Em7/5-  A   
Mariiiiia Gratia ple----na  
   F#º          Gm Gm6  
Maria Gratia plena   
 F/A  G7/D    F/C 
Ave,  ave dominus 
C7         F   
Dominus tecum 
     F7             Bb/F 
Benedicta tu in mulieribus 
   F7      Gm   
Et benedictus 
   F   D               Cm   
Et benedictus fructus ventris 
        Cm/Eb     F  F7 
Ventris tu-----i Jesus   
Bb  Gm6      Bb/F  F7  Bb 
A-------ve Mari--------a       

Final: Bb7  Eb/Bb  Ebm/Bb  Bb 

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