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Christmas by The Phone Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Wampira

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Christmas by The Phone

B               F# 
Another year, Another tree 
E		E 
But this year you won't be with me 
B              F#               E 
And it don't, feel much like Christmas 
B                     F# 
We used to watch the same old shows 
E	         E 
Sing Social D on the radio 
 B             F#             E 
But it don't, feel much like Christmas 
B                    F# 
This used to be, my favorite holiday 
E		    E                     (STRUMMING CHANGES) 
My Christmas Eve was filled with dreams 
But you chased them all away 
B Why did you leave me for Christmas? F# You left me lonley its true, E Could you have waited till New Years? B At least the year would be through B And now the misletoe's hanging F# For no reason at all E And all the presents are still wrapped B But you don't even call
Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Outro B F# E Waiting here alone B F# E Christmas by the phone B F# E Waiting here alone B F# E Spending Christmas by the phone

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