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Grenada Chords

Frankie Laine

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	  E7 Am Am7  Am   C     C/B Am    Fdim  Am 
Granada,  I'm    falling under your spell 
E7  Am            E7            C           Am             E 
And if you could speak, what a fascinating tale you would tell 
E                       Dm7  Dm    Dm7   E 
Of an age the world has long forgotten, 
E                       F                    Fdim        E 
Of an age that weaves a silent magic in Granada today. 
C          Am             CM7         C   C9  C7M   F    G 
The dawn in the sky greets the day with a sigh for Granada 
     G        D7/9         G           Am7  G/B Fdim  Am7  C 
For she can remember the splendor that once was Granada 
    C             Am         C7M          C   C9 C  Em 
It still can be found in the hills all around as I wand'r along 
    B7   Cdim    B7       Cdim Em 
Entranced by the beauty before me 
    B7         Cdim         B7           Em    B+  Em   G 
Entranced by a land full of sunshine and flow -ers and song 
C          Am           C7M           C   C9 C7M   F    G 
And when day is done and the sun starts to set in Granada 
  G        D7/9         G             Am7  G/B Fdim  Am7  C 
I envy the blush of the snow clad    Sierra     Nevada 
     C            C7          F            Fm           C 
For soon it will welcome the stars while a thousand guitars 
          F              C 
Play a soft habaera 
      F            Dm   Am7 Dm        C           
Then moonlit Granada  will live again  
Cdim  F   Dm7 G    G6     G   G   D7/9   G7   G   C 
The glory of      yesterday,       romantic and gay. 

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