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Mansion Over The Hilltop Chords

Elvis Presley

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by daleshar

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Mansion Over The Hilltop

	  G C G D7  

(G)I'm satisfied with (C) just a (G) cottage below 

A little (D7) silver and a little (G) gold 

But in that city where the (C) ransomed will (G) shine 

I want a (D7) gold one that's silver (G) lined. 

(G) I've got a (C)mansion just over the (G)hilltop in that bright (D7) land where we'll never (G)grow old and some day (C)yonder we will never (G)more wander But walk on (D7) streets that are purest (G)gold
Don't think me poor or (C) deserted or (G)lonely I'm not (D7) discouraged, I'm heaven (G)bound I'm but a pilgrim in (C) search of the (G)city I want a (D7) mansion, a robe and a (G)crown

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