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Girl Happy Chords

Elvis Presley

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by abelamin

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Girl Happy

	  This is the OST version, the original version was a semi-tone lower. 

It's really just two parts in this song, the verse & Chorus & it's the same chords  
every time they come up. 

 Eb   Ab             Eb   Ab 
Girl happy, yes I'm girl happy 
 Eb   Bb               Eb 
Girl happy, can't you see 

Every girl I see looks good to me 
What a crazy way out way to be 
     Eb                  Ab              F 
I love a life of nothing but beautiful women 
          Eb   Ab             Eb   Ab 
Well I'm Girl happy, yes I'm girl happy, 
 Eb   Bb               Eb 
Girl happy, can't you see 

  Ab            Bb               Gm         Cm 
I've been like this since I was just a baby boy 
  Ab                   Bb              Cm               Bb 
First nurse that ever rocked my cradle made me jump for joy 

there isn't a video lesson for this song

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