Hey hey


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Hey hey

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The whole song pretty much follows the progression E, B, C#m, A. 
They switch between mostly open chords and bars higher up the neck. 
The song starts with the lower chords and switches back and forth 
later.  The opening is the only part that's different - I play bars 
starting on the fifth fret, and moving up to the 7th and then 9th. 
The chords come in about halfway through the vocals, but you can 
play them the whole time. 
And with the lyrics: 
A	 B	  C#m B   A 
Hey hey, hey hey, hey hey hey 
A	 B	 C#m 
Hey hey, hey hey hey, 
Hey hey, hey he-ey hey 
Well I'm moving kind of slow  
Down that same old path  
C#m			A 
Wasting time inside this hour glass  
She's coming up ahead now  
And I feel, yes I feel  
My head turning like a race car wheel  
Maybe I'll try to say hi another time                                        
I've gotta find a way to get inside your mind  
I'll talk smoothe and walk one step closer                              
Be real cool, dang real cool  
A	      	E	B 
say what you want, say what you mean  
	     C#m			  A 
question yourself are you really what you seem?  
say who you are, say what you mean  
question yourself are you really what you dream?  
Now here I come one more time  
But she slides on by  
Not even a second look  
She took the bait right off that hook  
I've got my blinders on tight  
I pull my cap a little lower  
I can hide, hide away  
(these are barred:) 
E			   B 
You may think that this is easy for me  
	     C#m	    B		C#m	 
But there's a lot of things you don't know,  
B	    C#m	A	 
You don't care, you don't want to see  
Long while since I've got myself across  
But maybe there's a reason for that  
Even if I caught you I'd throw you back.  
I really don't want to fall back  
because you don't seem like you care  
and if I would fall back  
you don't seem like you care  
fall down your back, fall down your back  
fall down your back, fall down your back  
I will not, I will not hold, hold you back  
you don't seem like you care  
Fall back...you don't  
Fall back...you don't  
Fall back...you don't 
Contribuição: ricardo ZOIO([email protected]) 

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