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Time and time Again Chords

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Time and time Again

  F/C     +       +       +         C       +       +       +
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E---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D---------------------------------|---------------------------------| A-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-3-|-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-3-| E-3h5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----|-3-------3-----3-----3-----3-----|
F/C C F/C C I wanted so badly Somebody other than me F/C C F/C C Staring back at me But you were gone, gone, gone F/C C I wanted to see you walking backwards F/C C And get the sensation of you coming home F/C C I wanted to see you walking away from me F/C C Without the sensation of you leaving me alone CHORUS: Dm C Dm C Time and time again Time and time again Dm C F Time and time again I can't please myself Intro pattern x 2 F/C C I wanted the ocean to cover over me F/C C I wanna sink slowly without getting wet F/C C Maybe someday, I won't be so lonely F/C C And I'll walk on water every chance I get (CHORUS) Gm Bb F Gm Bb F So when are you coming home Sweet angel? Gm F Bb F C/E Dm You leaving me alone? / All alone? Gm C Bb F/C Well if I'm drowning darling, you'll come down this way on your own Intro pattern x 2 F/C C I wish I was traveling on a freeway F/C C Beneath this graveyard western sky F/C C I'm gonna set fire to this city F/C C And out into the desert we're gonna ride (CHORUS) (SOLO) - Same chords as chorus. (CHORUS)
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There is a second guitar in the song which plays fills and the solo at the end. During verse 1, from the first 'I wanted to see' onwards, it plays the following over the F/C chords + + + + E-----------------| B---1-------------| G--2--------------| D-----------------| A-----------------| E-----------------| During the choruses it connects the Dm and C chords with + C + E--1p0-----|------------ B------3---|---------1-- G----------|-0---------- D----------|------------ A----------|------------ E----------|------------ Over the bridges before the 2nd and third verse, and during the third verse and the second half of the second, it plays the following, repeating throughout. + + + + + + + + E-----------------|-----------------| B---1-------------|---1-------------| G--2--------------|--0--------------| D-----------------|-----------------| A-----------------|-----------------| E-----------------|-----------------| SOLO: + + + + + + + + E-------------------------|---------------------------| B-------------------------|---------------------------| G-12b(14)r(12)------9-10--|-9-10----------(9)--9-10p9-| D-----------------12----12|-----12-------------10-----| A-------------------------|---------------------------| E-------------------------|---------------------------| + + + + + + + + E----------------------------|----10--------------10--------10------| B----------------------------|--------10------13b(15)r13p10-13p10---| G-10----------10--10---------|--------------------------------------| D-10----------10--10h12------|-12-----------------------------------| A---12----------10-----------|--------------------------------------| E----------------------------|--------------------------------------| + + + + + + + + E--/10-10----10-12---/10-10----10-12---|----------------------------| B--/10-10-10---------/10-10-10---------|-----13-13----15---13h15----| G--------------------------------------|---/14------14---14-----14--| D--------------------------------------|----------------------------| A--------------------------------------|----------------------------| E--------------------------------------|----------------------------|

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