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Duet Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by gustsilva

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A E|---------------------5--| B|10-----9-----7-------5--| G|---------------------6--| D|---------------------7--| A|---------------------7--| E|---------------------5--|
A You've got nice eyes C#m They're very blue Bm That is why E I look at you A I look at you C#m I look at you Bm I look at you E I look at you A Makin a list C#m Of people to kiss Bm The list is a million you's long E Just you's all the way down A Olive oil soft C#m And laundry warm Bm I know i like you E I just don't know what for A With my boy Ronnie C#m Listening to Connie Bm I couldn't stop if i tried E I will love you til i die A C#m Bm E Oh A C#m Bm E A Hmm

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