Sleepy Sun

Duet With The Nothern Sky

Sleepy Sun

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Duet With The Nothern Sky

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Intro E e|-2-0------------0---5p4-2-0------0| B|------2-0-----------2-------------| G|------1----0h1--------------0h1---| D|----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------| E|----------------------------------|
E Baby, don't worry E Don't be silly E You will love me E Baby, in your dreams A B We're lost and found E E7 E In the northern sky E I see a candle E It's in my window E I'm gonna show you E I'll see you soon A Our sun B Will shine E E7 E In the northern sky A And our moon B Will rise E E7 E In the candlelight C#m F# Embrace this dark place A E E7 E Where I stand and sing C#m F# Oh sing into me A E E7 E And I'll live another day C#m F# Oh realistic minds A Won't you try E And sing

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chords Sleepy Sun - Duet With The Nothern Sky
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