Chi Lenno


Chi Lenno

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A7M       D 
I know I must be strong 
     A7M           D 
But that's now so hard for me 
    C         D7 
I should see another chance 
       G           D/F#  Em 
But I really can't 
A7M                D 
I don't want to remember the past 
A7M          D 
There's all loneliness 
    C                   D7 
And I'm afraid that my future 
       G            D/F#  Em 
Can be all the same 

 C                G 
Cause I'm tired of my dreams 
F                            C 
They're nothing else, just dreams 
G                       F 
My life has been just dreams 
                       C  G/A  A7 
That never have come true 
F7M           C7M 
I'm tired of being alone 
F                  C 
With no one I can hold 
G                F 
With no helping hand 
           F/G  G7 
Life is so hard 
    C    Em 
To face 

A7M     D 
I have so much love 
A7M             D 
That has stayed in store 
 C           D7 
Always on my own 
         G           D/F#  Em 
Whishing a true love 
A7M         D 
I´m hurt deep inside 
A7M           D 
Of being out of the sun 
 C              D7 
Walks, dreams, love 
              G        D/F#  Em 
A whole life all alone 

F          G      C          G 
I'd wanna see you in my life 
F                   G     Am           G 
But I really don't wanna see you there 
 F          G       C           E7 
Cause my life is nothing but foolish dreams 

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