Lily And Madeleine


Lily And Madeleine

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Capo on 1st fret
	  		Tired : L & m   

Intro: G C G C  

G         C              G    C   
   The late hour setting in  
G      C               Em            C  
   my eyes are wearing out again  
G   C             G    C  
   maybe I should go  
G      C        Em    C  
   But I don't know  

Where should I turn  
I'm so tired  

       C                 G      C  
  The city seems much taller  
G   C             Em        C  
  maybe I'm just smaller  
G   C             Em            C  G  
  Crushed by the weight of the globe  
          C       Em      C  
  Is it worth it  I hope so  

Where should I go  
I'm so tired  

Dm7        C                 G  
      Why can't I say good night  oooooh 3x  
Dm7        C                 Em  
      Why can't I say good night    

Where should I go  
I'm so tired  

Have fun!  

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