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Hes Sure To Remember Me (acoustic) Chords

Brenda Lee

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by bombaXXX

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Hes Sure To Remember Me (acoustic)

Intro: Db Abm7 

Abm7     Dbm  Abm7 Dbm          Abm7 
Oh, moon......and  stars above, please  

come down, and let me give you to the  
Eb    Dbm   Bb Eb 
one I love. 
    Abm7      Dbm                      Abm7 
Oh, rain, and wind so free, if I could give  
            Eb             Abm7 
you to him, he's sure to remember me. 
(remember me) 

Abm7            Dbm 
Oh, birds, that fly so high, come down and  
Abm7                          Eb       Dbm Bb  
sing your sweetest song to my love and I. 
Eb          Abm7                 Dbm 
Whoa-oh-oh, sun, that lights the day to see,  
           Abm7             Eb 
if I could give you to him, he's sure to  
remember me..(remember me) 

Dbm                            Abm7 
I know that he doesn't recall, one time we 

Dbm                                  Eb 
But when we meet again, I don't want him to  


INTERLUDE:  Abm7 Dbm Abm7 Bb Eb 

            Abm7             Dbm 
Whoa-oh-oh, rainbow, shining over the sea. 
           Abm7             Eb 
If I could give you to him, he's sure to  
remember me (remember me.) 

  Fm                                E 
Remember me (remember me) ohhhhh, remember me..  
                B   Bbm Abm7 
He's sure to re-mem-ber me..(Fade.)  

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