This Is A Low


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This Is A Low

Written by Damon Albarn/Graham Coxon/Alex James/Dave Rowntree

	  		E         D          A                 C#m 
And into the sea goes pretty england and me  
C                        D               E 
Around the bay of biscay and back for tea  
E                     D 
Hit traffic on the dogger bank  
A                             C#m 
Up the thames to find a taxi rank  
C                         D           E 
Sail on by with the tide and go asleep  
And the radio says  

E            D           E  
This is a low  
                 Am D E 
But it won't hurt you  
                       D  E             Am D 
When you are alone it will be there with you  
C                        D          E 
Finding ways to stay solo  

E                           D 
On the tyne forth and cramity  
A                          C#m 
There's a low in the high forties  
C                                   D 
And saturday's locked away on the pier  
Not fast enough dear  
E           D           A                        C#m 
On the malin head, blackpool looks blue and red  
             C                         D 
And the queen, she's gone round the bend  
Jumped off land's end  


E D A C#m 
C D E 

G A 

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