Andrew Bird

Give It Away

Andrew Bird

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Give It Away

G                         D 
Did you give it away 
G                      D             Em 
Did you give it away for free 
                               D              Em 
Don't you give it away 
Let's try to keep it in the family 
Em                               G 
I know you know desolation 
Em                                 G            D         Em 
Coming home with your pockets full of sand 
I know it's no vacation 
Em                                   G    D           C 
Now you're plowing your tiny patch of land 
C                          D       G 
In a nation under your command 
G                       D 
Did you give it away (Yeah I gave it away) 
G                       D          Em 
Did you give it away for free 
Em                                  D 
What would you have us pay? 
                                                   D                      Em 
I didn't know that your love was a commodity 
Em                   G 
What about appreciation 
Em                               G              D   Em 
That depends on your depth and density 
Em                    G 
What about inflation 
Em                                          G          D          C 
Your charts and graphs don't mean a thing to me 
                 C                   D              G 
In your nation with its worthless currency 

G                                  D 
Would you hide in the hay 
G                                  D           Em 
Would you hide in the hay with me 
Em                              D 
Won't you hide in the hay 
Em                                D 
Where it's dark and we can scarcely breathe or see 
Em                     G 
Assured asphyxiation 
Em                              G              D              Em 
Where the foxes and field mice make their dens 
Em                     G 
Death by association 
Em                              G          D        C 
I swore I'd never take anyone there again 
To this nation 
C                        D         G 
A nation under your command 

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