Hunting High and Low


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Hunting High and Low

Year: 1990 - Album: Hunting High and Low

Written by Pal Waaktaar

	  		Am     Am9   Am     F                     Fm
Here I am    and   within the  reach of my hand 
G   Am   Am9     Am       F
She's sound  asleep   and she's  sweeter now  
    Db      Cm                       
Than my wildest dream could have seen her  
    Ab                    G
And I watch her sleeping away.

      F      G       Am4    Am    G           F7+   Dm
But I know I'll be hunting   high  and low    hi.....gh 
        C        Em7        Dm            G
There's no end to the   lenghts  I'll go to. (2x)

 Am       Am/G   F            Fm
Find her again upon this  my dreams are depending
  Am         Am/G    F         Db              Cm
Through the dark     I sense pouding of her heart  
        Bb         Ab                        G
Next to mine she's the sweetest love I could find.

      F         G     A4     Am     Am/G   F7+   Dm
So I guess I'll be  hunting  high and low    hi.....gh
        Am7             Dm             Em
There's no end to the  lengths I'll go to 
Am4       Am/G      F7+    Dm
High and low        hi.......gh 
    C        Em7     Dm/G     Am   Am9  Am/G   F  F/E  Dm7
Do you know what it means  to love you

G            Am     Am/G      F7+             F
I'm hunting high and low      And now she's telling me  
        Am         G/B   F   Dm   Cm     Bb   Ab     G
She's got to go  away   
     F        G       Am4    Am      Am/G   
I'll always be hunting high and low 
  F7+      Dm         Am7  G/B  C   A7/C#  Dm   C7/E     Em
( only for you ) Watch me      tearing myself to pie.....ces   
F   G       Am4       Am/G        F7+   Dm
Hunting  high and low     uoh     hi.......gh      
        C        Em7
there's  no end to the lenghts
  Dm7  Em7         F            G                    Am
I'll go      to    oohohohooo    for you I'll be hunting high 
     G     F     C/E    Dm    A 
and low

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