Kings Of Convenience


Kings Of Convenience

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Basic strum: ex.with E ||-------------------| ||--------0---x---0--| ||--------1---x---1--| X2 each chord ||--------2---x---2--| ||------------x------| ||----0--------------| I play the whole song in first position,but for a better sound i suggest to play it with barre chord....buona schitarrata!(enjoi yourselves!)
-----Misread------ E F# B If you wanna be my friend B D#m E You want us to get along E F# B Please do not expect me to B D#m E Wrap it up and keep it there E F# B ...ecc ecc The observation I am doing could Easily be understood As cynical demeanour But one of us misread... And what do you know It happened again A friend is not a means You utilize to get somewhere Somehow I didn't notice friendship is an end What do you know It happened again How come no-one told me All throughout history The loneliest people Were the ones who always spoke the truth The ones who made a difference By withstanding the indifference I guess it's up to me now Should I take that risk or just smile? What do you know It happened again What do you know

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