Green Day

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Green Day

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Year: 2000 - Album: International Superhits!

Key:  A More
Warning Key EE
Warning Key FF
Warning Key F#F#
Warning Key GG(one step down)
Warning Key G#G#(half step down)
Warning Key AA(original key)
Warning Key A#A#(half step up)
Warning Key BB(one step up)
Warning Key CC
Warning Key C#C#
Warning Key DD
Warning Key D#D#

Standard Tuning

G ----------------0-0------------
D --------0-0-2-4-----4-2-0-0----
A 0-0-2-4---------------------4-2
E ------------------------------- (Repeat Multiple Times)

G ---------------------
D ---------------------
A 0-4-0-----0-0-4-0----
E ------3-0---------3-0

That is basicly it.



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