The Other Side Ukulele tab


Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by aleffederico

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The Other Side

  		Intro : Dm Gm Eb Dm F#m Gm Dm Am Bb A Dm 

verse 1 : 

Dm                      Gm 
I heard a whisper on my shoulder 
Eb                           Dm 
Pretending life is worth the fight 
Dm                         F#m Gm 
O can you hear the song of thunder 
When fear strangles a soldier's pride 
Am                        Bb 
And on the surface of the waters 
               A                          Dm 
Will dance reflections of the fire in the night 

verse 2 :  

Dm                       Gm 
I remember cheering from towers 
Eb                       Dm 
A face is smiling in the light 
Dm                    F#m Gm 
I remember the bells, the flowers 
      Ebm                   D 
Those days are dying in the dark 

Bridge :  

G                         Eb 
Boy I was shaped for the fury 
Now I pay the price 
Of the human race's vice 
And I was promised 
    Eb                   G 
The glorious ending of a knight 
But the crown is out of sight 

Instrumental : Dm Gm Eb Dm F#m Gm Dm Am Bb A Dm 

verse 3 :  
Dm                       Gm 
I'm slowly drifting into slumber 
Eb                             Dm 
Cause I have lost the force to fight 
Dm                       F#m Gm 
It's like a cold hand on my shoulder 
I'll see you on the other side 
Am                          Bb 
And in the arms of endless anger 
A                                      Dm 
Will end the story of a soldier in the dark 
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