White Stripes

Lord, Send Me An Angel Ukulele tab

White Stripes

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by jasonwalsh

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Lord, Send Me An Angel

  		To anyone who ever's been locked up in a Mexican jail...... 

     A          E 
Good Lord, Good Lord 
Send me an angel down 
Can't spare no angel 
       E                 A 
we'll spare your teasin' brown 

Well that new way of lovin' 
swear to God it must be best 
For these Detroit women won't  
let Mr. Jack White rest 

There's a crowd on the corner 
wonder what could it be 
One thing but the women  
just tryin' to get to me 

I went down to the station 
suitcase in my hand 
All the women runnin', cryin'  
Mr. Jack wont' ya be my man. 

Well there was three women 
yellow, brown and black 
take the mayor of Detroit 
 to pick which one I like 

One of um hamtramak yellow 
One of um Detroit brown 
But that southwest darkskin 
is sure to turn my damper down 

Why, ticket agent, ticket agent 
where did my baby go 
tell me what she looks like 
And I'll tell you what road she's on 

Well she's a long tall mama 
mile and a half from the ground 
she's a tailor made mama  
and she ain't no hand me down 

Well I used to say married woman 
sweetest women ever born 
you better change that thing 
you better leave married women alone 

take my advice, let married women,  
boy let um be 
cause their husband will grab ya,  
beat ya ragged as a cedar tree 

Well I got two woman 
you can't tell um apart 
I got one in my bossom  
and the other one is in my heart 

well that one in my bossom 
she live in Tennessee 
but that one in my heart  
she don't give a darn for me 

I'ma tell you pretty mama  
exactly who I am 
when I walk in that from door and 
hear that back door slam 
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