Wayne Rostad

Dollard Marlowe

Wayne Rostad

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Dollard Marlowe

	  		D                                                     G                D 
Dollard Marlowe doesn’t live on the Kaywood Road anymore 

                               C                                        A 
They took him to the City to a government old age home 

D                          G                           D 
All of us eventually will wither and grow old 

                        C                                                D 
Dollard Marlowe doesn’t live on the Kaywood Road anymore 

D                                                 G                             D 
The wood pile by the back shed, the work of his withered hands 

                            C                                     A 
Home built of local pine, when he was a young man 

               D                                          G                         D 
Now they got him in that city compound ‘til he breathes no more 

                        C                                        D       D7 
I wonder if he’d rather die along the Kaywood Road 

- - - 

        G                                             C                        G 
Last summer, Dollard shared a pot of Stag Creek country tea 

D                                                                            A 
He poured himself a shaky cup, then one for Billy and me 

     G                                         D 
In leaving, we promised him we’d come again for sure 

                                C                                                D 
But Dollard Marlowe doesn’t live on the Kaywood Road anymore 

- - - 

D                                      G                      D 
Progress teaches all of us, we must pay its price 

                            C                                        A 
Electric lights are practical, but a lantern sure is nice 

         D                                                 G                        D 
Don’t trust your neighbour out of fear that he might get you first 

                           C                                                            D     D7 
And don’t dare die until you’ve checked with the city officials first 

- - - 

G                                             C              G 
Dollard now is crying out for the only life he knows 

D                                                                A 
Cursing modern progress that took away his home 

     G                                                      D 
But one day soon his soul will come back to that cabin door 

                               C                                                    D 
And stare upon the pavement they’ve laid on the Kaywood Road 

      D                       C                                            D 
No, Dollard Marlowe doesn’t live on that dusty road anymore 
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