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Junk Ukulele tab


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by ELuna

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Didnít notice for the first time 
then I turned around  
and there was something real  

something real  
you canít hide  
takin time to pay you time  
and attention  
if thereís something there  
I feel thereís something there  

C and Iím waitin everyday but you have G never have the time F C is this what love well
(Chorus End) C so many people come and go G but could one stay around F just like I want you too I really want you to C real soon C all of those words that never fit G Iíd always keep them Iíd would write it Down F Iíd put them in a song my favorite song C when I was down (Chorus) (Solo Accompanied by C, G, F, C) (Chorus) (End) Well, this is a rough draft for this song, I'm working on the Fingerpicking intro, as well as the solo for this song but it will take me some time. The intro uses the same chords as the song, so if anyone feels up for it, try and nail it, and post it on E-chords.com!
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