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Rips In The Fabric Ukulele tab

Vic Chesnutt

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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Rips In The Fabric

  		Intro: C   F   G  (x3) 

Verse: 1 
                         C       F  G 
She was walking down the sidewalk 
                         C  F  G 
Sniffing swiftly in the wind 
                           C      F  G 
Thinking of everything and nothing 
                           C    F  G 
Just another flighty human being 
                     C     F  G 
And satellites where arcing 
               C   F  G 
Undetected overhead 
                    C        F  G 
Her cells were busy splitting 
                    C   F  G 
And jettisoning the dead 

F G C F Beauty is as beauty does C G In the eyes of the beholder F C Or collectively in all of us
Instrumental: C F G (x2) Verse: 2 C F G She was waving to a cyclist C F G As he went coasting by C F G Through a lazy intersection C F G Towards the remainder of his life C F G And a feral cat went diving C F G Behind a dumpster there C F G Which displaced a big brown rat C F G That went fleeing with a comical flair
F G C F We are trapped, but we are free C G To go through the motions F C And be just as happy as we can be.
Instrumental: C F G (x2) Verse: 3 C F G And later on I held her C F G In my skinny arms C F G My chapped lips were whispering C F G Esoteric alarms C F G But her warm breath assuaged me C F G And the music returned C F G Our dancing continued C F G While big forest fires burned Outro F G C F Space is spooky and time is a trip C G Don't let the preachers and teachers and hipsters fool you F C There ain't no rips in the fabric.
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