Tommy Walker

Simeons Song

Tommy Walker

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Simeons Song

verse 1 

E    B7          E    B7             C#m 
The day has come, my eyes have seen  
        G#m           A    B   
your salvation laid before me  
E      B7             E    B7          C#m 
Which you've prepared, for all to see  
                  G#m           A           
Your light, Your glory here to set us free  

F#m C#m F#m B Just as you promised, just like the prophets said E A B E A E The hope of the world is here A B E Am E Am7 E Je - sus, Je - sus, the wait is done Am7 C#m B E our King has come to us, Je - sus
verse 2 E B E B As we behold, this One foretold C#m G#m A B we see the face of God before us E B E B Let us wait no more, to bow and to adore C#m G#m A C#m our Lord, our God, our King for - ev - er Chorus
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