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Love walked in Ukulele tab


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by mckinnairr

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Love walked in

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E_______5___3____3____________1_____0______________________ B_____6_____5______5________3_______1___________3__________ G__ 7_______5__5_____5____2_________0______0h2_____________ D_0_________0___________0___________2___2__________________ A__________________________________________________________ E__________________________________________________________
Repeat this four times Dm C Dm so tired of waiting I walked an empty land Bb I was looking for something to help me understand Gm C Am but bad luck kept turning my dreams into sand intro Dm C Dm I didn't want pity I had my share of friends Bb I wanted somebody more special than the rest Gm Am C I was aching inside like I was approaching the end intro F C Just about that moment the timing was so right Dm C Dm C you appeared like a vision sent down to my eyes Bb G/B I thought I was dreaming when I saw you that night
Dm Bb F A C Thats when love walked in through my door Dm Bb F A C that familiar feeling I had before Dm Bb F A C love walked in through my door Bb and it felt so strange
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