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Ruby Tuesday

Year: 1967 - Album: Between the Buttons [US]

  		     Am         C    F         G         C 
1. She would never say where she came from, 
  Am     C         F      G       C 
    yesterday don't matter if it's gone, 
      Am        D7      G         Am      D7      G 
    while the sun is bright, or in the darkest night 
               C                 G 
    no one knows, she comes and goes. 
     C      G   C    G        C         G      C 
    Good - bye Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you 
  Am        G          F               G              C           G 
When you change with every new day, still I'm gonna miss you. 

           Am       C       F       G       C 
2. Don't question why she needs to be so free, 
     Am        C        F    G      C 
    tell you it's the only way to be. 
      Am       D7        G            Am          D7        G 
    She just can't be chained, to a life where nothing`s gained, 
                  C               G 
    and nothings lost, at such a cost.   + REFRAIN 

     Am         C       F      G         C 
3. There's no time to lose I heard her say, 
            Am          C       F          G    C 
    she'll cash your dreams before they slip away. 
      Am    D7      G                Am          D7                   
    Dying all the time, lose your dreams and you'll  
               C                  G 
    lose your mind, ain't life unkind. 

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