The Holy Modal Rounders

Hoodoo Bash

The Holy Modal Rounders

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Hoodoo Bash

Am E Am E 
Am E Am E 

verse 1 
Am          E          Am         E 
Down at the station at one in the morning 
          Am           E            C          E 
There's a trainload of strangers that just hit town 
Am        E           Am        E 
One has a top hat and one has a falcon 
      Am                G                      C   E  Am 
And although they just arrived they know their way a—round 

verse 2 
Am       E            Am          E 
Out to a house at the edge of the town 
                 Am          E          C        E 
They're bringing Thunderbird wine and a pound of hash 
Am      E             Am         E 
C'mon along if you're one of the people 
              Am            G                  C  E   Am 
Because we're gonna get the spirit down at the Hoodoo Bash 

Chorus 1 
A               Ab 
All the wizards from the south 
G                       E 
Came up special for the big turnout 
C               F 
Golden Blossom, Singing Bear 
        E                              E7 
They're going to have a party and they just don't care 

verse 3 
Am          E           Am            E 
Fasten your seat belts, let down your hair 
        Am              E               Am      E 
Because tonight is the night we've been waiting for 
Am        E           Am      E 
People in trances and African dances 
  Am            G                  C   E    Am 
Another kind of life is waiting behind that door 

verse 4 
Am          E             Am         E 
We got supplies that will last for a week 
               Am          E          Am    E 
So there ain't nothing can stop us until we crash 
Am           E             Am            E 
When we have kids, we will tell them the story 
          Am               G             C  E   Am 
'Bout the night we got the spirit at the Hoodoo Bash 

E Am E Am E Am 
E Am E Am E Am 
Am G C E Am 

Chorus 2 
A                    Ab 
Magic mushrooms from Singing Bear 
G                      E 
Indian visions that'll curl your hair 
    C               F 
And Golden Blossom said she'd make 
    E                  E7 
Her dandelion wine and morning glory cake 

Verse 5 
Am            E                   Am          E 
Tell all your friends that you're gone out of town 
           Am         E           Am      E 
And be prepared to go out of your natural mind 
Am          E             Am          E 
We're gonna rise when the sun's going down 
         Am               G                C         E      Am 
When the spirit starts to hit you'll never know what you'll find 

Verse 6 
Am        E                Am          E 
If you're afraid, then you better stay home 
               Am         E             Am       E 
'Cause there's no turning back once the dice are cast 
Am         E              Am          E 
Lovers and strangers will all go thru changes 
          Am                G                  C  E   Am 
When they get the good, old spirit down at the Hoodoo Bash. 

A Ab G E 
C F  E E7 
Am E Am E 
Am E Am E 
Am E Am E 
Am G C E Am 
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