The Hellacopters

I'm in the band

The Hellacopters

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I'm in the band

	  		D                                    G 
Friday night we got a gig in town 
                 C                                      D 
We're all reved up we're gonna get it on down 
They're playing our song on the radio 
             C                                                             D 
We're dressed for the occasion and we're ready to go 

             Bm                              C 
Had a great pair of shoes i thought i had class 
    G                                         C 
A brand new jacket but no backstage pass 
         D                              C 
Had to hurry up - to the stage i ran 
And this big guy pushed me - said "no you can't" 

(D D C G D D) 

But hey i'm in the band! 

(G A Bm) 
                           G                        A               D 
Would it be so hard for you to understand 
                  G            A                     D 
That i got work to do you better let me in man 
            G            A              D 
Because yeah i'm in the band 

Segue a música assim :) 
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