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Slow Down Ukulele tab

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Slow Down


  		{Intro:} C F C G F C 
Well come on, pretty baby, won't you walk with me? 
Come on, pretty baby, won't you talk with me? 
Come on, pretty baby, give me one more chance 
Try and save our romance 
      F                                    C 
Slow down! Baby now you're movin' way too fast 
           G                   F                 C 
You gotta gimme little lovin' gimme little lovin' Ow! 
If you want our love to last 
Well I used to walk you home, baby, after school 
Carry your books home too 
But now you got a boyfriend down the street 
Baby what you tryin' to do a-do? You better 
Know that I love you, tell the world I do 
Come on, pretty baby, why can't you be true? 
I need you badly, baby, oh so bad 
The best little woman I ever had 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 
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