Tame Impala


Tame Impala

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Intro: F   Bb  Gm  C7  

verse 1 
            F     Bb 
Cause I was still not sure 
         Gm            C7 
But it's something I'm used to 
            F       Bb 
And I could tell by your face 
         Gm        C7 
No one's ever been new to you 

            F        Bb 
But I could tell you things 
       Gm           C7 
That I can't say to anyone 
            F   Bb 
And you can run today 
        Gm          C7 
But you didn't stay there long 

Interlude 2x: ( F   Bb ) 
              ( Gm  C7 ) 

         F              Bb 
Not it's like the world owes you 
                         Gm          C7 
Walking around like everybody should know you 
        F            Bb 
I wanna feel like we used to 
                            Gm            C7 
But now you worry cause the idiot's would lose you 

verse 2 
          F  Bb 
And I had no idea 
          Gm         C7 
What that fame could do to you 
          F    Bb 
And I can tell you've changed 
       Gm      C7 
By the people around you 

          F        Bb 
I used to take the long way 
        Gm           C7 
Just so I could walk past your door 
          F        Bb 
I used to wait for a sign 
      Gm           C7 
But I guess I want anyone 

Interlude 2x: ( F   Bb ) 
              ( Gm  C7 ) 

So much I wanna tell you... 
So much I wanna tell you... 
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