Syster Sol


Syster Sol

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Cm Gm Ooooooooooooo yay no need to worry love Am Fm Ooooooooooooo cause I know that I am guided Cm Gm Ooooooooooooo yay wipe of those lonely tears Am Fm Ooooooooooooo cause I know that I’m guided
Verse Cm Ever since the morning when I woke up, Gm and realized I’d been making a fuzz G# Of my life so much crying’ Fm I saw that it was all your love I’d been denying cause No one else provide my strength like you do, Nothing in this world could ever make me feel so true like the way that you do that why me sing this a song yea Chorus Verse Sometimes when I get blinded out in doubt ey So alone and no doors to lead my out yea You come shining in with your unconditional love painting all bright and leaving light in my eye sight Tearing down my walls burning obstacles around me helping me see how life is filled with wicked ironi Allowing me to be letting me be me showing me that life is meant to live in as free Chorus Verse Sweet is your love when I’m caught up in my mind Giving me the power that I need to go along Leading me, loving me, holding my hand So I give thanks and praises to you everyday Praying for your love to fill me up in every way All over and in and through and again and again. Chorus For your guidance I thank you For your protection I praise you For your lovin’ I thank you For your presence I praise you You’re all I need to get by. So I give thanks and praises to you everyday Praying for your love to fill me up in every way All over and in and through again and again
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