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Fascinating rhytmn Ukulele tab

Susannah Mc Corkle

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by europeu

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Fascinating rhytmn

  		G      G6     G7   G6   G  G7   G6   G  G7   G6  G 
Got a little rhy - thm, a rhy - thm, a rhy - thm  
     G6      G7  G6      G         
That pitter-pats in my brain,  
G   G6        G7     G6    G   G7 G6   G    G7   G6   
So darn per - sis - tent, the day is - n't dis - tant  
     G     Am7   Dm7 Am7   G 
When it'll drive me  in - sane;  
 C    Am      C7    Am   C      C7  Am      C     C7  
Comes in the morn - ing, with - out an - y warn - ing  
    C         Am    C7 Am   C7/9 
And hangs a - round me all day;  
      C       Am      C7 Am         D9       Am7     D7 
I'll have to sneak up to it, some - day and speak up to it --  
   C      Am          C7     D7 
I hope it lis - tens when I say  
Am7        C          D7            Am7    C      D7 
Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm, you've got me on the go;  
Am7        C         D7             Am7    D7 
Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm, I'm all a-quiv - er. 
Dm7    F           G7              Dm7          F      G7 
What a mess you're mak - ing, the neigh - bors want to know  
Dm7     F       G7           Dm7     G7 
Why I'm always shaking, just like a flivver.  
C    C/B    Am7   Cdim         G    G/F# 
Each morning I get up with the sun, 
 G/B    Am7          D9       Am7 
Start a-hop - ping, nev - er stop - ping. 
A  Em7         A7       G/B      A7    D7 
To find, that night, no work has been done.  
   C   C/B   Am7     C        D7 
I know that once it did - n't mat - ter,  
    Am7                   D7 
But now you're do - ing wrong  
Am7        C      D7             C        D7      
When you start to pat - ter, I'm so un - hap - py;  
Dm7       F       G7            Dm7     F        G7 
Won't you take a day off, de - cide to run a - long  
 Dm7          F       G7           Dm7     G7 
Some - where far a - way off, and make it snap - py?  
C   C/B    Am7    D7 Am7  D7   B7        E7 
Oh, how I long to be the girl I used to be -- 
Am         C          D7 
Fas - ci - na - tin' rhy - thm,  
    Am         C    D7       Am7 G 
Oh, won't you stop pick - ing on me? 

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