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Do it

Spice Girls



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Do it

Year: 1997 - Album: Spiceworld

Written by Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell, Paul Wilson, Andy Watkins

Key:  A More
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D/A  A  D/F#  G (over and over) 
Come on! Come on! 
Come on and do it. Hey! 
Come on and do it.  Do it, do it. 
Verse 1: 
A7 (the whole time) 
Here's just another thing that'll keep your eye fixed on the road 
Do what your mama said I will not be told 
Keep your mouth shut, keep your legs shut 
Get back in your place 
Huh! blameless, shameless, damsel in disgrace 
G A (3 times) then B7 E 
Who cares what they say 
Because the rules are for breaking 
(I'll tell ya) 
Who made them anyway 
You gotta show what you feel Don't hide 
D/A A D/F# G (4 times) 
Come on and do it 
Don't care how you look, it's just how you feel 
Come on and do it 
You've gotta make it real 
Come on and do it 
It's time to free what's in your soul 
You've gotta get it right, this time 
Come on freak and lose control 
Verse 2: 
Remember things like this should be seen and never heard 
Give a little respect to me and it will be returned 
Keep your head down, keep your nose clean 
Go back against the wall 
Girl there's no way out for you You are sure to fall 
Bridge 2: 
Who cares what they do 
Because it's yours for the taking 
So it's not for you anyway 
Make your own rules to live by 
Bridge 3 
No Chords 
You might do the wrong thing (might do the wrong thing) 
For the right reason (for the right reason) 
Don't just do the right thing (don't do the right thing) 
To be pleasin' (to be pleasin' baby) 
Bridge 1 

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