Soul Survivor


Soul Survivor

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verse 1 
        C                D                Em 
I see horizons in Your eyes where all creation came alive 
            C  D              Em 
You made it all, You made it all 
               C                D                  Em 
You spin the planets round the sun, You fit the pieces one by one 
             C  D             Em 
You know it all, You know it all 

    C       D        Em 
The stars above are shouting out Your name 
    C       D    Em 
The universe is flooding with Your grace 
     C            D       Em 
Your pow’r, Your love can never be contained 
C              D      Em 
Jesus, You’re ev‘rything 

C D Em C D Em Your love is my reality woah oh oh whoah C D Em C D Em Your love is my reality woah oh oh whoah
verse 2 C D Em Like a diamond in the dust, sent from heaven to the cross C D Em You gave it all, You gave it all C D Em In the brightness of the skies, there’s a fire that never dies C D Em You are alive, You are alive Bridge C D Somebody pinch me, am I dreaming? Em 'Cos I can feel His love is all around me from the morning to the evening C D I know He will never leave me. Em I could never stop believing C You're the reason why I'm breathing. What a feeling, my reality. D I'm seeing wonders ev‘ryday Em And Your majesty and Your splendour we celebrate. C D I'm alive with Your light, God, You're ev‘rything Em So I'm giving You my life, take ev‘rything End C D Em C G Your love is my reality woah oh oh whoah
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