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Raised On Rock Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by gustsilva

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Raised On Rock

  		 (Intro) D#5  C#5 F#5 G#5 (termina em F#5) 

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E|----------------7h9-7-6-7-6----------------------------------7h9-7-6-7-6-------------------------- B|-7-9-7-9b10-7---------------9-7-9b10-7---------7-9-7-9b10-7--------------9-7-9b10-7----------7-7~- G|--------------8------------------------8-8-6-8---------------------------------------8-8-6-8--8--- D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D# I was born in a hurricane C#5 Nothing to lose and everything to gain G#5 Ran before i walked G#5 Reaching for the top B5 G#5 Out of control just like a runaway train (repete acordes acima) I never walked on the narrow path I always wanted what i didn't have All was not enough Riding lady luck Driving in the fast lane and just stepped on the gas (acordes da introdução) Cause i was raised on rock My dad was howling but my heart was a rolling stone Yeah i was raised on rock My mama said i had a devil to scratch my soul And i was raised on rock (mesmos acordes das outras estrofes) Shoot me up baby make me high And hit the jackpot in the heat of the night Wanna kiss your lips Wanna move your hips See my desire in your laser-beam eyes (idem paragrafo anterior) You shake me up got me spinning 'round You know what's going up must come down Tomorrow i'll be gone A million miles from home The only road i know leads out of town (repete refrão)
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F#5 G#5 E|--6---6-----8----9-8-9-8---- B|---7---7-----9-9-9-8-9-9---- G|----6---6-6---8------------- D|----------------------------
F#5 G#5 Growing up with the guitar men F#5 G#5 Growing up way too fast F#5 G#5 Follow the sound of a rock'n'roll band F#5 G#5 This call will always last Cause i was raised on rock
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