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Living and dying Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Andre020182

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Living and dying

Year: 1975 - Album: In Trance

  		-Intro-         Em   (B)Bb   (G)B   (C)Em 
                Em   (B)C    (G)B   (Gb)Em 
-Verse 1-   (open E)    background guitar harmony:  
                               Em  C 
                               B   Em 
                               Em  C 
                               B   Em 
-Verse 2-               background guitar harmony:  
                               Em  C 
                               B   Em 
                               Em  C 
                               B   Em 
-Chorus-       G   C 
               A   Em D Em 
               D   Em   C C D D Em 
-Intro2-       same as previous intro 
-Verse 3,4-    same as verse 2 
-Chorus-       G   C 
               A   Em D Em 
               D   Em   C C D D Em 
               D   Em   C C D D Em 
               C   D   Em 
 * in the brackets you strike only one note and not a chord; you can use 
   the 2 finger chord instead (e.g. for B sound       |   |   | 3 | 
                              --------------------->  | 1 |   |   | 
   the note that must sound B will be 1) 
 * for the intro I would suggest to use this C5 chord between frets 
   1st string   | 1 |   |   | 
   2nd string   | 1 |   | 4 | 
   3rd string   | 1 |   | 3 | 
   4th string   | 1 |   |   | 
   5th string   | 1 |   |   | 
   6th string   |   |   |   | 
 * for verses there's a background guitar harmony - I think it's 
   Rudolf's)...It's like a phaser picking using the Em chord on 7th 
   fret. You also could play these chords acoustically as well 
   with no use of distortion. So...HAVE FUN ! 
PS:  During the Chorus, in the line A  Em D Em the chord D might be 
     wrong; it might be a F# instead...anybody who thinks is F# (same as  
     for the bass) please let me know. 
- Dan Schenker - 

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