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In Trance

Year: 1975 - Album: Tokyo Tapes

(Meine / Schenker)

O Riff de introdução é feito em C#m, mas estou sem tempo para tirar o solo, aceito colaborações 
I wake up in the morning 
And the sun begins to shine 
  A                        G# 
The day did skeak up on the night 
I see your face and I see myself 
And I get a little taste of life 
  A                    G#    A B A 
I try to stand it for a while 
But I'm in trance                                     | 
     E                                                | 
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling...         |R 
      B                                               |E 
I'm in trance                                         |F 
C#m                              E          B         |R 
I take too much in the saturday night... HEY HEY      |Ã 
C#m                                 E                 |O 
Hey baby tell me can't you hear me calling            | 
B                                                     | 
I'm in trance                                         | 
  C#m            E                                    | 
I wanna try to stop this life...                      | 
I feel so sad I'm feeling down 
On the radio the music plays 
 A                          G# 
I'm love with her and I feel fine 
C#m                                         B 
I close my eyes I think today's getting better with a sip of wine 
 A                        G#   A B A    
And I can stand it for a while 
Contribuição: Matheus Wanderley Gondim([email protected]) 

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