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Vunerable Ukulele tab


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Capo on 4th fret
 {Verse 1} 
 E                           G#m 
 Everywhere I look I see her smile 
 Her absent-minded eyes 
     F#m                              E 
 And she has kept me wondering for so long 
 How this thing could go wrong 
    E                                G#m 
 It seems to me that we are both the same 
 Playing the same game 
        F#m                                  E 
 But as darkness falls this true love falls apart 
 Into a riddle of her heart 
          F#          F#*         B           C# 
 She's so vulnerable,        like china in my hands 
          F#          F#*        B            C# 
 She's so vulnerable         and I don't understand 
 F#            F#*            B 
 I could never hurt the one I love  
 She's all I've got 
              F#            C# 
 But she's so vulnerable 
 Oh so vulnerable 
 {Verse 2} 
 Days like these no one should be alone 
 No heart should hide away 
 Her touch is gently conquering my mind 
 There's nothing words can say 
 She's coloured all the secrets of my soul  
 I've whispered all my dreams 
 But just as nighttime falls this vision falls apart 
 Into a riddle of her heart 
 She's so vulnerable ... 
 If you use a  (it's the best way how to play it),  
 you can play E like C, G#m like em, A like F, F#m like Dm, B like G,  
 C# like A and F# like D. 
Contribuição: Serginho([email protected]) 

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