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E-Bow The Letter Ukulele tab


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tigerwoo

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E-Bow The Letter

G     Em    G    Em     G    Em 

Look up, what do you see? 
All of you and all of me 
Fluorescent and starry 
Some of them, they surprise 
C                                         G  
The bus ride, I went to write this, 4:00 a.m. 
This letter 
Fields of poppies, little pearls 
 G                                          Em 
All the boys and all the girls sweet-toothed 
                                 Bm                      C     G 
Each and every one a little scary 
I said your name 
I wore it like a badge of teenage film stars 
                G                                     Em 
Hash bars, cherry mash and tinfoil tiaras 
Bm                                            C 
Dreaming of Maria Callas 
                G              Em 
Whoever she is 
This fame thing, I donít get it 
I wrap my hand in plastic to try to look through it 
Em                                      Bm 
Maybelline eyes and girl-as-boy moves 
C                              G 
I can take you far 
This star thing, I donít get it 

D Em D Em Iíll take you over, there D Aluminum, tastes like fear Em Adrenaline, it pulls us near D Em It tastes like fear
(verses repeat chords) C G Em Bm C G Em C G Em Bm C G Em Will you live to 83? Will you ever welcome me? Will you show me something that nobody else has seen? Smoke it, drink Here comes the flood Anything to thin the blood These corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet Phone, eat it, drink Just another chink Cuts and dents, they catch the light Aluminum, the weakest link I donít want to disappoint you Iím not here to anoint you I would lick your feet But is that the sickest move? I wear my own crown and sadness and sorrow And whoíd have thought tomorrow could be so strange? My loss, and here we go again (Chorus) Look up, what do you see? All of you and all of me Fluorescent and starry Some of them, they surprise I canít look it in the eyes Seconal, Spanish fly, absinthe, kerosene Cherry-flavored neck and collar I can smell the sorrow on your breath The sweat, the victory and sorrow The smell of fear, I got it (Chorus) Pulls us near Tastes like fear. Nearer, nearer Over, over, over, over Yeah, look over Iíll take you there, oh, yeah Iíll take you there Oh, over Iíll take you there Over, let me Iíll take you there.. There, there, baby, yeah
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