Reina del Cid


Reina del Cid

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Verse 1:

F# It was a quarter to four AM G#m Alone in my kitchenette B Bm That's where I met Bernadette F# And I still can see her now F# First she kicked on the wash machine G#m Streaked 'cross my tv screen B Rustled the magazines Bm F# And blew my candle out
B D#7 But how many days passed since then? D#m D# Since I saw her silhouette B Now I want her back again Bm F# Oh, my Bernadette

Verse 2:

F# It was the strangest of summer dreams G#m Those nights she spent haunting me B She touched me 'cross centuries Bm F# And I never felt alone F# But one morning I knew she'd gone G#m Left the lights and Victrola on B And I woke to the saddest song Bm F# A tune from long ago
B D#7 Now it feels like I lost a friend D#m D# And I find myself wondering B Will she haunt my home again? Bm F# Oh, my Bernadette
Outro B D#7 Each night when I go to bed D#m D# I leave one candle flickering B She finds her way back again Bm F# Oh, my Bernadette
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