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Year: 1991 - Album: Live: 9-4-00 - Washington, DC

Key:  Am More
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  		Am       C        G 
What the fuck is this world 
Am     C         G 
Running to, you didn't 
Am     C               G 
Leave a message, at least I 
Am                      C            G 
Coulda' learned your voice one last time 
Am    C          G 
Daily minefield, this could 
Am     C     G 
Be my time, 'bout you? 
Am       C    G 
Would you hit me? 
Am       C    G 
Would you hit me? 

G  A  Bb  A   G     A     Bb  C 
Oh oh oh...oh whoa whoa...ow... 

(Am   C  G) 

Am    C         G 
All the bills go by, 
  Am                    C      G 
And     unitiatives are taken up 
Am         C G  Am             C                    G    Am 
By the middle,   there ain't gonna be any middle any more 
     C            G         Am 
And the cross I'm bearing home 
         C      G       Am 
Ain't indicative of my place 
       C     G  Am 
Left the porch 

     C     G 
Left the porch 
G   A  Bb  A 
Oh oh oh...oh.. 
G       A                Bb 
Hear my name, take a good look 
C                  G 
This could be the day 
       A                 Bb 
Hold my hand, walk beside me 
A              G   A  Bb C 
I just need to say... 


G        A                Bb 
Hear my name, take a good look 
C                  G 
This could be the day 
        A             Bb 
Hold my hand, lie beside me 
A               G 
I just need to say 
       A                     Bb 
I could not take a-just one day 
           C                       G 
I know when I would not ever touch you 
          A                    Bb      A 
Hold you...feel my arms...never again... 
(G  A Bb  A  G A  Bb C) 
Yeah...  (12x) 
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