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Forget What I Said Ukulele tab

Norah Jones

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Forget What I Said


Intro: Bm D E G Bm F# 

I get the blues 
I get high 
E                G 
I'll explode like dynamite 
Bm                    D 
And i'll cry 'till the dust 
Settles down 

verse 2: 
Bm               D 
I guess i'm hard when i'm soft 
E                           G 
And i'm cold when i'm feeling hot 
Bm                D                      A 
Sometimes i guess things just happen too fast 

              Em     G 
Forget what i said   forget what i did 
                D                  A 
It's not what i meant   so can you forgive 
Just came out wrong 
I'm taking it back 
Forget what i said 

verse 3: 

But i can love you like hell 
Put under my black magic spell 
And i can kiss you like nobody else 

verse 4: 

I'll make good of my bads 
I'll make nice of all that is sad 
I'll cut off   the dead hands   of my past 

Forget what i said   forget what i did 
It's not what i meant   so can you forgive 
It's just came out wrong   i'm taking it back 
Please forget about it 
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