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Key:  Am More
Futurism Key EmEm
Futurism Key FmFm
Futurism Key F#mF#m
Futurism Key GmGm(one step down)
Futurism Key G#mG#m(half step down)
Futurism Key AmAm(original key)
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Futurism Key CmCm
Futurism Key C#mC#m
Futurism Key DmDm
Futurism Key D#mD#m
G5 D5 C#5 
C5 A#5 D5  

G5           D5 C#5 C5             A#5 D5      G5 D5   C#5   C5          A#5 D5 
Ignorance pulls apostasy and apathy still rules yeah you know it's cool 
Just suck and see a future turn us into silent gods and i won't miss you at all 
Fate can't decide alignment of the planets in your hands, come on crush our plans  
Just suck and see a future that won't let you disagree and i won't miss you at all  

G5           A5        Cm               G/B 
Grounded boxed in like the evil in your veins 
Grounded boxed in I am stuck with you 
Feel it hear it apathy, see it be it you'll see   

G5 A5 Cm G/B 

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